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Villa Carina Apartments Bonaire
Villa Carina Apartments Bonaire

Villa Carina Apartments

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About us
We met for the first time when we were 14 and 15 years old during dance class. We each went our own way, and found each other again 30 years later.
Coincidentally, we both had the same dream to someday live and work abroad. A few years ago we went to Bonaire together for the first time and were immediately sold to the beautiful, peaceful island.
In December 2017 we come up with the idea to realize our dream, buy a house on Bonaire and start renting apartments there.
We were married in March 2018. While Karin was planning the wedding, Joland prepared the emigration.
And 1 year later we are on Bonaire!
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Born in 1971 coming from a village in Brabant (The Netherlands), from a family with 3 brothers . I have 2 older sons from a previous marriage.
Always worked in the technical service sector.
I am a quiet, introverted person, but I enjoy socializing and people around me.
Now on Bonaire, together with Karin, I want to give you a carefree holiday experience. And if we see your broad smile on your faces while waving goodbye, we think
"That's what we do it for"
Born in southeast Brabant (The Netherlands). I am the youngest in a family of 7 children. Since November 2018 living on the beautiful, sunny Caribbean island of Bonaire.
After working for over more than 28 years in business it's time to take a different approach.
I am an open, enthusiastic, caring person with a good empathy, who enjoys a chat and socializing.
I want our guests to enjoy our dream and I will be very happy when they return home with a great holiday experience.
Karin Villa Carina Apartmetns
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