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Water reuse

Water on Bonaire is made from sea water, which is an expensive process. Not only for this reason, we reuse our water as much as possible, but also to have as little waste as possible run directly into the ground.


We collect the rainwater through our roofs and this ends up in a large collection container of 15 m3.

We use this rainwater to refill the swimming pool or to pump it to the drip system for the plants.


The flushing water from the swimming pool is also collected in the drip system.


The waste water from 2 of the 4 bathrooms (shower and sink) and 3 of the 4 kitchens goes directly to the drip system.

The water from the rinse bins also goes directly to the drip system (blue arrow).

The red arrow is the suction pipe of the drip system.


In this way we try to save as much water as possible.

Water collection.JPG
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