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Villa Carina Apartments has 3 large solar panels with a total of 900 watts. The energy generated with this is stored in AGM batteries, these batteries last on average (with good use) 10 years. The stored energy (3 KWh) is used to supply the patio lighting and fans outside with electricity, as well as our billboard and the lighting at the sliding gate. This also has the advantage that there is always light in the event of a power failure.

98% of our lighting is LED, the garden lighting is 90% solar powered, but all LED.


We also use economical devices to burden the power grid as little as possible and we dry our laundry in the sun.


Bonaire is taking steps to switch to green energy. Currently Bonaire has 12 wind turbines, with which wind energy can make up 40-45% of the average annual electricity.

Solar lamp 3.JPG
Solar lamp 2.JPG
Solar lamp1.JPG
Solar parking light.JPG
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